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At Scrap'n'Design our best customers are entitled to special attention. That is why we have set up a loyalty program and a sponsorship program.

Loyalty reward

When our registered customers have accumulated 80 € of purchase excluding taxes and delivery fees, they will be able to access the loyalty program. A new section will appear on the customer area where the customer can consult and / or manage the evolution of his loyalty wallet.

For future orders, from € 15 purchase (excluding taxes and delivery charges), the customer will automatically receive a discount of 8% on all purchases in the form of a voucher that he can use during a new order or accumulate in his loyalty wallet. The accumulated amount appears on the cash counter and in the section provided for this purpose in the customer account. The customer may, at his option, either fully or partially use the amount of his benefice as a deduction from his new order, or be kept and accumulate with that of future purchases. The amount acquired during the order in progress can only be used during a next order. These amounts can not under any circumstances give rise to a refund in cash, or a Paypal cashback payment. They are imperatively deducted from an order of an equivalent amount or higher.


When one of our registered customers is sponsoring a new client and when he confirms a first order, then the sponsor receives a voucher of 5 €, and the godson a voucher of 3 €. For each new order of the godson the godfather will receive a voucher for 5% of the order (excluding taxes and delivery fees) of the godson. The vouchers are cumulative and valid for 1 year from their issuance dates.


Each new amount added to the prize pool has a duration of 12 months from their creation dates.

Be careful, a customer's loyalty wallet is automatically deactivated, and its contents lost, if the customer's account remains inactive for 18 months. An email will be sent to the client before the due date to allow him to use his benefice before it is too late.

Scrap'n'Design reserves the right to modify at any time the terms of use of the loyalty and sponsorship programs, as well as the loyalty wallet, or to delete them.